five levels of leadership | 5 level

Five levels of leadership | only 5

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~ 3rd-MAR-2018
five levels of leadership | 5 level

Developing the leader within you

Here we will discuss about the five levels of leadership that makes a leader matchless. The reasons why 1% people contribute in 99% of earth and 99% of people not even contribute in 1% of the world. What makes the difference between leaders and flowers? You can on be distinct or extinct. Now we will discuss one by one. You have to recognize your level and work according to improve your level. Post your level in comment box

5th level of leadership is feel like a Quitter:

It is lower level of leadership. Quitter starts a task fast but when it meets the difficulties it quit. Whenever circumstances are tough if fall back and say that it is not possible. It changes its goal when he meets the tough time. He is not meant for handling the problems. He cannot invent new things.

4. Fault Finder

Fault finder is little better than quitter. Fault finder is 4th level of leadership. He is a great pessimist. He will try to analyze that how it is difficult My God! He will find faults analytically logically and critically. He will try to convince you that it is not possible. He will only find faults not solutions these are the people ignore 99 good things for 1 bad thing. But the great leaders ignore 99 bad things for 1 good thing.

In this state we leave our emotions and gain positivity from inside and focus on one thing.

3. Dabbler:

Dabbler is powerful man. It is much better than quitter and fault finder. These people are very great initial enthusiasm. They work very hard but when difficulties hit them back their enthusiasm reduces with every hit they bounce back for very little times. At last they gave up. The main problem with these people is that they cannot maintain their momentum. Dabbler can do problems less tasks. It is a thired level of leadership.

2. Stressor:

These are very powerful people. They are not ordinary they are extraordinary people. The positive point of stressors is that they never sit down after setbacks. They bounce back after every hit. Whenever life pushes them down they will get up with more enthusiasm. Their enthusiasm always increases with every hit. They will never quit their goal. Their simplest philosophy is “Failure is not an Option”. They keep working on it harder and harder. Their only aim is winning. At last they win on their hard work.

1. Master:

These are legendary people. You cannot count these people in percentage they are only in few numbers. These are people who created history. They are born to make history. The difference between stressor and master is that when stressor gets hit he will get up and fight again. But when master gets hit he will not bounce back immediately, it take one step backward and change the technique and then fight again. Master philosophy is that “there always a better way” .There is stress in the life of stressor but in masters life there is no stress there is strategy. Master says that I will never fail, I will win or I will learn. He finds the new ways because he is first level of leadership.

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