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~ 18th-MAY-2019

How Parenting effect the Children:

Parenting is very very sensitive relationship.Every child learns most of his parents.‌‌His attitude tells the attitude of his parents.He learns how to behave with other peoples.If the parents are strict to servants then the children will more strict with servants.

Children learns every basic things from his parents,they learn how to behave with relatives friends and younger.How to handle failure ,anger ,negative people etc.

As every parent want to grow his child better.So I have some tips on this topics.

First change your self:

If you want to build your child positive you must be positive  first. Every thing you want to see in your child you must have to follow first .

If you ask your child always speak the truth but after some moments you on phone you tell a lie ,but which your child know what is truth ,Is it possible that he act on your advice.You have to change yourself by your heart.

Friendly relation with child:

You must have a friendly relation with your child but in limits.By having friendly relation you can get awareness about your child. You can know what he really wants what he is in reality.
Never impose your rules on your child.Instead Co-prate with them in every legal thing they want. you must aware about their problems and aims.

By being Friend and understanding your child you can Guide them very better

Build Self Responsibility:

Don,t stop the child what he is doing even wrong or right but in certain boundary.Also ask them you are the responsible for the result.What ever he learn from his experience is better than any book or lecture.

Give Proper Respect to child:

Never punish the child in front of others especially his other brothers and sisters. Give your child proper respect take his views on every decisions.By doing so he will become responsible. His confidence level will increase.

Give proper time:

Fix daily 15-30 min for your child.In which you talk him friendly. You can talk about his friends,his game activity , you can play indoor games and any other thing which he loves. You can teach about his health and social problems.

Never Compare with other children's :

Never Compare the child with other children. If you compare your child on base of marks, health, beauty etc. They can never be equal.
Comparing Children is like as, If you Compare a Fish with monkey in tree climbing race.Everyone know the result.But if you compare in swimming then fish win the title. But both fish and monkey can not be compare.
If your child is not good in study. May be he will be a future best singer or photographer or any think which he loves to do.

You should identify "who is your child"

Never give priority any child over other:

Never give priority any child over other.when you oppose the statement.The connection of other child with you become weak .His confidence  and love on you destroy.

Keep away child from TV:

You should keep away from TV . TV is totally time wasting.Too much on TV can make sick your child.You should play indoor games in TV time.

Ask any Question

Build learning attitude in child:

Learn every time mean is not to read books every time and prepare for exams.The real education is what you can apply practically. Build the habits of your child to learn from his mistakes and experience.

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