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Communication tips to attract people at first meeting

Posted by : Saif

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~ 23th-Jun-2019

Hello! Today I am go share how to create a good impression. It is very difficult to grab attention in this busy world. It is difficult for some people to talk when the some first time. They don’t know what to talk and how to talk. They feel nervous and fail to make good impression. Here are some tips on meeting someone.


Smile The first thing you have to do is smile. Smile is indication for other person that you are interested to communicate. The smile should not be awkward. Smile provides friendly an environment.

Eye contact:

Eye contact Paulo Coelho says that, “Your eyes show the strength of your soul” Eye contact show your confidence to communicate. You can also notice the interest of other person. Keep in mind eye contact should not be irritating.

Open body language:

Your body language has deep effect on your communication skills. Close body language indicate that you are depressed and don’t want to talk with anyone. It also indicates that you have low energy and confidence. body language Open body language indicates that you are confident and energetic .So when you are meeting someone makes your body language open.

Ask open ended questions:

Usually after greeting we ask few questions to each other like where do live, School name etc. And fall into awkward state. In this situation you should try ask open ended questions instead of simple question. You can ask how you and john become friend. Why you choose medical study. These questions have long and explainable answer.

Talk about common values:

A person likes to spend time with other who has common values to share. If a person interested in football or cricket he can spend a long time with same interest person

Synchronize 2v’s

1st V = Visual:

To improve the visual you should follow other person body language. Copy the sitting or standing pose. Visual communication means your body language.55% of communication depends on visual communication.

2nd V = vocal:

Vocal communications include your voice tone, speed, volume etc. we can improve the communication by copying the other person vocally. You can copy is voce tune, speed and volume.

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