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Methods to Drinking Water Properly

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~ 12th-Jan-2020

Importance of water:

Importance of water Water is a basic need of human life. Our body consists of 70% water. Less use of water in daily life can cause much decease like a kidney stone. Water is helpful for muscle building, optimizing brain and digesting food. We should build a habit of drinking water. You can calculate the amount of water you should drink according to your weight. You can search on Google such types of calculators.

Today I am not here to discuss the importance of water. To I will point out some mistakes we do while drinking water. I will give you the best method of drinking water.

Drinking water after meal.

Drink water after a meal can cause stomach problems. When we eat food, it produces a special kind of acid in our stomach which help to digest food. Drinking water after eating food dissolve the digestive acid in our stomach.

Drinking water at the start of meal is the best method of drinking water while eating food. We should drink only one glass while eating, because it can disturb hunger and you cannot eat much food. If you want to drink water after meal you drink after 1 hour for best health. It will help the body to digest food fast.

A Glass before Sleep

Drink water before going to bed is very effective for your health. You may have notice; the color of urine is more yellowish when we wake up in the morning due to fluid loss during the night. Drinking a glass water an hour before going to bed will recover the water loss while sleeping.

After waking up

Drinking a glass of water after waking up will activate your body organs. Water helps to optimize your brain. Try to drink more water in a short interval before breakfast it will keep you away from a kidney stone and wash the stomach every day.

Drink a glass before bath

glass of water Drinking a glass of water before taking bath will lower down the blood pressure of body. This glass of water will lower down the temperature of inside body. Taking bath in high blood pressure can imbalance our body functioning. It will also maintain your inner and outer body temperature.

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