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~ 25th-Jun-2019


Fear is the state of mind. It is feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that causes a change in metabolic system. It has deep effect on brain working. Fear can change body language. You thinking become narrow. Power of wide thinking lost at that time.
Here we will share some tips to handle fear.

1. Face your fears:

Face your fears Facing your fear is one of the best methods to fight against fear. If you are avoiding fears it will only makes you scarier. When you face your fear your mind becomes parallel to it. And after some time your fear start to fade. For example: If you fear of swimming in pool, it is best method to jump into pool.

2. Understand fear and embrace it.

If you have any fear first you have to understand it. Take a deep breath and think why I fear. What is the cause? The most common cause is that we are so connected to the result of the thing that we are going to do. For example: If the fear is sky diving. It is our minds nature that it will focus on the negative side. We should think about the positive side. The thoughts may be like that for negative side and it will automatically rise in your mind.
What If my parachute not opens.
It is the risk of life.
It is too high I cannot do this.

Rule 3. Think about it:

jumping-waterThe power of wide thinking lost when a person flooded with fear. Therefore first of all let go the fear and take your mind and body to rest. Take a cup of tea or take bath. Then with fresh mind think about new method to fight against your fear. Make a new strategy. This is trick of master leaders.

. Start Practice

Face your fears Practice makes you better for any work. Practicing fear mean to jump into a condition from which you fear. While practicing the fear try to start from small steps. For example if you feared to jump into water from height. In this case first jump from less height then increase height step by step. Small steps keep you away from quitting thoughts.

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