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Why my Smartphone is Faster than my computer? | smartphone vs PC performance.

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~ 8th-Jun-2019

No, your phone is not faster than PC

A few days ago a friend asked me a question, Why my Smartphone is Faster than my computer? Likewise, my phone boots-up faster than a computer and the same apps run faster on mobile than a computer. But my computer has a better processor and RAM. It is an interesting question and lots of people want to know the answer.

I will start with, No!
The comparison of smartphone vs pc performance is similar to Fighter Jet and an Airbus. The phone is not faster than the computer. There are lots of factors but I will try to keep it simple.

smartphone vs computer processors:

First of all, there is a lot of difference between the processors. The processor used in a smartphone is called Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). While processors are used in computers are x64 smartphone computer

It is hard to measure the speed difference between both. smartphone are built to run a small task with speed. These processors are specially made for fast speed. On the other side, CPU processors are built to run heavy tasks. These processors can run a heavy task, but with low start-up speed. For example, Mobile can load a web page faster than a PC.

Difference Of Operating System (OS):

The other factor which impact the speed between mobile and laptop is the operating system (OS). Mobile operating systems like Android and IOS are very smaller in size than computer operating systems. The operating system uses in desktop are windows or Linux. That's why a mobile boots up faster than a laptop. Smartphones OS has less background running tasks, so it runs faster than a PC.

HDD vs. SSD (storage system) :

There is another reason which has a deep impact on the speed of both devices. Mobile storage becomes fast and light to read and write data because of mobile uses a chip storage system. But some desktop computer uses a mechanical hard drive (HDD) which cannot compete with chip storage. HDD can cause a slow speed of a desktop. In this case, you have a chance to improve speed by sparing some money.

It also depends on your motherboard used in PC. ID systems have slow speed due to long wire networks. But these are very old no one is using this. SATA is an improved version.

Some Tips to improve the speed of a Computer :

You can also increase your PC speed by uninstalling junk software.
If you want to that your PC works properly download software from official sites keep updating them.
Never use pirated software's especially Antivirus. Your antivirus is useless if it is outdated. Sometimes your desktop slowdown because it get heated. You check it out taht fans in cpu working properly.

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