How to improve your life quality adopting good habits

How to improve your life quality adopting good habits

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~ 16th-Jul-2019


working-happy If you are happy with your work, family, health, friends and office partners then you are leading a high quality life. Quality of life does not matter with money you have, its matter how happy with your life and how happy you are earning that money. You cannot make your life better by doing a task little times you have to make them a habit.
Here are some good habits that will make your life better.


Go minimal, I mean to say that, reduce the pressure on your mind. In this era of multi-tasking Everyone wants to do more work in a short time. When you are working on many tasks it is difficult to complete them. But it is not healthy for the mind and body. You should do every work one by one not at the same time. It will also help to clear the clutter in your head.


using-mobile Melatonin is a hormone that helps to fall asleep. This hormone is released at night due to darkness. By this hormone, the mind is informed that it is time to sleep. But research shows that the light of devices like a mobile computer can suppress the body to release of melatonin. So we should keep away from screens before bed. You can read a book before going to bed.


Live in now mean is that be conscious about what is going on your mind. Questions to yourself, it will help you in indicate and solving your problems. You can discover your weak and strong points. Daily spend time for yourself. You can follow this quote
“Do not react to your problems but response wisely.”


habit-of-drinking-water Everyone knows that water is good for health.3/4 of our body mass is water. If you've already developed the habit of drinking needed water a part of your daily life, you know how well it makes you feel. Water is good for muscle building, mind and stomach. This habit saves you from many health problems.


The habit of daily exercise keeps your body active. A healthy body has a healthy mind. If your health is not good you can't focus on your work exercise keeps you away from many diseases. A daily little exercise is the best way to keep the body healthy.
The minimum exercise that everybody should do daily:
10 pushups
10 sit-ups
10 min rope jumping


Energy is needed for the body to work properly but after completing a long task our energy become low, So rest is needed for gaining energy. A nap in a day helps to unload the stress and refresh your mind for the next move. It optimizes your mind and body working. Everyone should take a nap from 30-60 min daily.


reading “A room without books is like a body without a soul” The real education is that which you applied in your life. Otherwise, it is only information and a burden on the mind. You must read books out of school syllabus. Every successful person is found in reading. Book reading enhances your mind. If you want be one of the best in something


habits-of-helping The habit of helping other people will give you a reward of kindness. You can get social power. If you are helping an unknown person without expecting the reward you will feel blessed. It will take your self-esteem to the next level. You will get respect and status of good person.


You cannot think out of your mind. Your decisions and life depend on what is feed in your mind. Your thinking is limited to your knowledge. You can get positive knowledge by reading book and blogs and watching videos of mentors. Observe your life by sitting alone start a new habit and quit a bad habit. Find a solution to why you can’t quit a bad habit. Use a different solution until you succeed.

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