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How to avoid hand practice habit | method to stop masturbation.

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~ 24th-Jun-2019

What is masturbation?

I think everyone well known about physically masturbation. I am going to talk about mental masturbation. Masturbation is a source of pleasure. It is not addictive for everyone but some people do it like addiction. Our mind seeks for pleasures. Our mind wants to stay busy every time, it needs anything to do. When there is nothing to do in our TO-DO list, negative thoughts rise in it. Here we will discuss about important points that could help you to staying away from masturbation.

Be busy :

Have fun with friends. In busy mood thoughts are aligned and mind has a specific point to focus. In free time our thoughts has no direction, in that time mind run after previous experienced pleasures.

It is a famous, east proverb
“Empty Mind is house of devil”.
Create a To-Do list, now you have no time for negativity.

Experience snare :

Try to experience masturbation as less as you can. When you masturbate first time you experience as pleasurable act (As Paulo Coelho said in his book “Eleven Minutes” It is like floating up to heaven and then parachuting slowly down to earth again to earth). Then your mind seduces you toward this enormous pleasure. If you do more you get trapped more. If reducing it you can get out from this trap.

Meditation Keeps your Mind under Control :

Meditation is one of best thing I do daily. It makes me to control my mind. A deep meditation gives you information of your body. It reduce you negative thoughts and you have peaceful mind when you are alone.

Exercise :

Pc processor|core i9You should make a goal about your health. Masturbation has no deep effect on health (according to my information). When types these of thoughts come into your mind start an exercise like push-ups. Do these push-ups until you have no energy and get tired enough. Then take a deep rest.

Live in Now :

Live in now mean to stay conscious about your mind. Watch that where the mind is leading you. When you think you are going wrong way be conscious and change the direction smoothly. If you think you cannot control your mind. Join the classes of mindfulness. Start practicing mindfulness. It makes you able to read and control your mind.

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