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~ 14th-Jun-2019

Rule No.1 Failure is not an Option:

Winners are never those who never fail, but those who never quit. Successful leaders follow this rule. Leaders are people who never give up on their dreams and keep moving forward until they win. Leaders says that, I cannot lose either I win or I lose. After a failure, do practice and try once more. You cannot win in second task if you left uncompleted first task due to difficulties.

Rule No.2 Do what you love:

Love has infinite powers. If you love, your work from heart there is no chance of failure because in forced tasks for example if you are doing a work for money you are forcing your mind and body to complete which rise the retarding force. This can distract you from your goal. On the other side if you love your work, your mind and body to work aligned, you have no need to push yourself and there is no stress. It makes your task easy. Do what you love

According to research, the people who love their work or goal live long life..

Rule No.3 Do not waste Time:

The most important advice that I can give you is that never be free, do anything. Choose your goal as big that you do not have time to waste. If you are using mobile for fun, like some people use facebook or youtube to watch entertaining videos but they can also learn some skill from it. They waste their time because they do not have to do anything. However, if they start to learn a skill they can use their time perfectly. I am not saying that entertainment is a bad thing or a time wasting. At low energy level, it makes you feel better and charge you up.

Rule No.4 Practice makes us better:

Practice makes us betterMoment you bring something in practice. Either you will succeed in it or you will fail. Therefore, if you fail or you succeed, you need to let it go and keep on building your practice. Once Bruce lee said that “I am afraid to a person who practice thousands kicks but I am afraid to person who practice a kick thousand time”

Rule No.5 Keep moving forward:

Make Mistakes but learn from them .You should not stuck to mistakes. If you failed then learn from it and move forward, if you succeeded in your task then not hold it, enjoy it and Choose new task and work on it. If you stuck to your failure or success, you will left behind.

Rule No.6 Adapt to change quickly:

The life style is changing very fast. The only person, who accepts the change in world and changing its life according to it, is stable in this world. This adaption of change is creativity. Changing you according to change in world is creative thinking.

Rule No.7 Be happy in every situation:

Happiness provides a path toward your intelligent mind. It removes the hurdles and distraction of stress and duties. Being happy is not mean to smile every time. You just have to let them go, in case of stress and pressure. Happiness is state of mind; if one is happy in a situation, the other is sad on it. Like if, a person is sad on divorce, saying that my life is ruin, the other is happy and thinking now I can enjoy my life fully. So make your basic nature of living happy, be happy either it failure or success.

Rule No.8 : Focus on your strength:

People think that they will be successful when they will not fail. It is not true that successful people always takes good decisions, they take their good decisions by learning from their hundreds of bad steps. You have to focus on why you can, instead on why cannot. Looser makes excuses. Looser say I cannot because I have not enough money, I do not have good parents, Time has passed etc.

Rule No.9 Belief in yourself:

Belief in yourselfIt is not important what you say about yourself to others, I am doing this or that. However, it is important that what you say to yourself. What you think about yourself inside what are my ability. What you think inside you is your real belief .If you have belief in yourself that you can do a task you will do it. If you have, belief in yourself then does not listen to others. You can increase belief on you by completing small tasks. If you complete a task, your belief level increases.

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Rule No.10 Honesty is best policy:

All successful people are honest and loyal with their friends and everyone other in their life. The surrounding people like them because they never break the trust. They work honestly and take full responsibility either its job or business. If you do not have good communication skills but you are honest then you can win friends easily.

These are the top ten rules of successful people

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